Linfabir Pomada HEM

Recommended ointment for sensitive skin areas.

Net content: 30 ml.


  • Castor oil (Ricinus communis)
  • Calendula extract (Calendula officinalis)
  • Hamamelis extract (Hamamelis virginiana)
  • Malva extract (Malva sylvestris)
  • Extract of St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum)
  • Ginkgo biloba extract (Ginkgo biloba)
  • Extract of Brusco (Ruscus aculeatus)

How to use:

  • Apply on a clean skin with a light massage.
  • Do not rince.

Special storage conditions and/or usage conditions:

  • Store in cool, dry place, away from direct light.
  • Keep product out of the reach of children.