AMG – Quality guaranty

¿What is the AMG seal?

Derbós, Laboratorio Natural, faithful to its commitment to quality products, has developed the AMG (GMD) seal: Guaranteed Minimum Dose.

AMG is own quality mark, certifying that the quantity of each nutrient is guaranteed in each intake, pursuant to the usage method indicated for each of our food supplements.

Because for Derbós, being natural goes hand in hand with science. Because this allows us to analyse the content of all active plant ingredients, vitamins and minerals, so we can guarantee their exact content.

The Derbós Technical and Quality Department, comprising a multidisciplinary team supervised by a pharmacist, applies analytical techniques on all raw materials going into our products. Following this analysis, the content of each raw material in our active ingredients is selected and adjusted. Therefore, in dose application, we always achieve a homogeneous distribution of physiologically active nutrients. This is how we obtain products with consistent contents, preventing any differences in the physiological action on ingestion among different batches of the same product.

AMG (Guaranteed Minimum Dose) is our way of guaranteeing quality, trust and commitment, from the entire team at Derbós, Laboratorio Natural.