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Strengthen your defences to a higher level.

The Normodigest family (Classic, Capsule or Junior) with probiotics and prebiotics, provides nutrients that contribute to the stability and balance of intestinal flora, generating better health.

Intestinal flora are very vulnerable to various factors that deteriorate the optimal habitat conditions, with a consequent loss of biological capacity. Antibiotic treatments, stress, medications of all kinds, various infections, age, climate, liver and kidney diseases, or an incorrect diet are all factors that alter the symbiotic balance between lactic acid bacteria and the human intestine, and this allows proliferation of bacteria that harmful to us, as many of them are pathogenic species.

Probiotics and prebiotics act as modulators of intestinal flora, either acting as an ally to preserve good conditions, or correcting alterations due to different etiologies, therefore helping to maintain our natural balance and help to guarantee good health.


10 and 20 symbiotic vials

15 strains of functional and bioactive gastroresistant probiotics.

7.5 billion colony forming units (CFU) per vial. Normodigest Classic is a symbiont, as it provides both probiotics and prebiotics in the same product, helping to guarantee proper intake and the development of beneficial bacteria in our body. The effectiveness of the Normodigest range has been corroborated in a study carried out in a dynamic digester, presented at the Congress of the Spanish Society for Pro and Prebiotics (SEPyP) where it was established that this product contributes positively to the quantitative and qualitative development of the microbiota. Ensure your intestinal flora develops correctly with Normodigest Classic.


45 symbiotic capsules

11 strains of functional and bioactive gastro-resistant probiotics.

6 billion colony forming units (CFU) per capsule. All the guarantees of effectiveness in intestinal health are combined in this easy-to-take symbiont that provides Inulin obtained from Topinambur of ecological origin as a prebiotic. 1 or 2 capsules daily allow balance of the intestinal flora to be maintained.


10 and 20 symbiotic vials with “Saccharomyces boulardii” included

12 strains of functional and bioactive gastro-resistant probiotics.

6 billion colony forming units (CFU) per vial. The bacterial flora changes with age, and this is why a specific symbiont has been developed for the little ones in the home. Not only does this product provide the necessary probiotics and prebiotics for these ages, but it has also been formulated with a 100% natural Low Glycemic Index Fresh Fruit Syrup, in order to provide all the energy kids need. Don’t gamble on the health of the great little men and women of the future. Make sure they enjoy proper development with Normodigest Junior.